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Secrets of the Jewish Jesus

The most important and powerful story in history is broken up into four different accounts in the Bible.  Sometimes the power can be missed because of its separateness.  This is a chronological telling of the story including most every piece of all four accounts. 


The Story of Easter

Most people know that Jesus was Jewish, but fail to think about his life and teachings with that in mind.  It turns out that a lot of what he did and said can only be fully understood when you see it in first-century Jewish terms.  



Survival Guide to the End of the World

There has been plenty of ink spilled and money made by people trying to predict the end of the world.  This course seeks to wade through all of the options and perspectives to discover what the Bible says and how that should change our lives.

Taboo: The Questions You Aren't Supposed to Ask

Ever wonder where Nostradamus fits with Revelation or why there are other ancient books about Jesus' life that are not in the Bible? This series will explore many challenging questions that people have wondered, but been afraid to ask.  


Most people have a messy closet full of their knowledge of the old testament.  This class seeks to organize our understanding of the Old Testament so that we can see the threads of the entire story God is telling that begins in a garden, passes through a tomb, and ends in a city of God.

Jewish Jesus:

Jesus was Jewish.  Often, to understand his life and teaching, we must first understand aspects of first century Judaism.  This course seeks to bring the Bible to life by understanding the cultural heritage that informs its pages.