A book for everyone with questions

Can Evolution and Genesis work together? What do Nostradamus and the book of Revelation have in common? Why are the forbidden Gospels not in the Bible? Why do the Catholics have a different Bible than the Protestants? What happened in the missing 25 Years of Jesus' life? Most importantly of all: why does any of this matter when I wake up tomorrow morning?

Sometimes ignorance is a spiritual problem

Too often either out of fear, confusion or embarrassment, people who do not know the answer to a challenging question silence those who have a curious mind.  Either by saying "Sometimes you just have to have faith" or "We don't really ask those sorts of questions" they let the questioner know that it is not ok to question.  That's a problem because questioning is a sign of health. It's how we grow in faith which means that sometimes ignorance is a spiritual problem.

God should be able to stand up to any of our questions

There is no reason to fear questions.  There is no reason to think that asking these questions means you are challenging God.  If God is who the church says he is, then God should be able to stand up to any of our questions.

These Questions Are Powerful

But here's the real power: these questions have an impact on us today.  The answers to these questions is not something that exists outside of us, it challenges us.  It demands new ways of seeing and living in the world.

This is why you should read this book and share it with your friends or small group.  With questions at the end of each chapter it is designed to help you share it with friends and grow together.  It is available right now on Amazon.

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