More Every Day Prayers

You found it!  This is the place where you can find more prayers for every day written by me and the readers of my book The Book of Everyday Prayer!  

Peace in the World

God, this world seems to turn itself upside down in anger and hate.  It seems to be filled with violence and war.  Far too often my news feed is filled with headlines about death, fighting, and bigotry.  So God, I pray for peace.  I pray for peace that is miraculous.  Peace beyond what we can do ourselves.  

I confess that far too often I have not been an agent of that peace.  I have lashed out.  I have spoken words of anger and said things that incited anger instead of peace.  Forgive me for my role in the violence of this world, and help me to live as an agent of peace. Use my words and actions to bring about a glorious change that the whole world wold have nothing left to do but thank you for transforming our violent hearts.  Amen.