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I think that we haven’t spent time finding the Love of God in the elephants in the room. We haven’t searched the scriptures and listened to God and therefore, we don’t know what to do.  Know that God’s love is at the center of all those elephants. Whether it is adultery, divorce, judgmentalism, or puffed up religious people, God has a way to break through and allow you to offer His love to those who are hurting in your world—if you will let Him show you how. 

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9/8 Jesus Wants to Save Christians

9/15 Law & Order: Murder, Lawsuits & Revenge

9/22 Adultery, Divorce, Vows & Self-Mutilation

9/29 Christianity: Stop Talking About It

10/6 Money, Worry and American Slavery

10/13 Don't Judge, but Here's How

10/20 Magic Words for Conjuring God

10/27 The Greatest Sermon Ever