Make an Impact on MLK

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple weeks ago and she told me about this interesting project that RETHINK Church is doing.  It's called America's Sunday Supper.  Basicaly, they're teaming up with Points of Light Institute and HandsOn Network for this program to promote community and involvement around societal issues. 

The event happens the Sunday evening before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  You decide to host a meal and work to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to share a meal and discuss issues that affect your community and possibly serve in some way.  What a great way to get your youth not only involved in community issues, but inviting all sorts of peers to dialogue about what is happening in their world.  

As I understand it, the goal is to get people talking or acting or both.  So how about hosting a dinner that focuses on bullying, cheating, discrimination, civil rights, or... you get the idea.  It is much easier to get non-religious and nominally religious[1] teens to an event with this sort of focus than some Christian band they've never heard of.  To sign up to host or attend one, just go to Let me know how it goes!

[1] Yeah, I stole that great terminology from Church of the Resurrection