The Path of Discernment

Over the past month, I have had many conversations with friends and fellow youth ministers who are in a transition time. The questions they ask are often similar: What is the right choice? Is there another option? What does God want?

These are important questions, but sometimes they just aren't clear.  I was walking and praying about this earlier this week in the woods near our church.  For some reason, it is much easier for me to pray while walking outside than sitting still sometimes (imagine that).  As I was walking I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me through my surroundings.  Sometimes, the path of our life is about to turn, and though we cannot see exactly where it is going, we can see that it is turning ahead.  We want to know where it is headed, but cannot because we are simply too far from the turn to be able to see.  In these situations, we have to continue waling our path until the turn becomes clear.

But sometimes, the path opens up and puts us out in an open field.  It is in those times when I believe God is saying that any choice we make is good.  We can stay straight, make a turn, or pause and enjoy the openness.  So, I ask my friends, which is it for you?  Are you on a path that is taking a turn you are just beginning to see ahead?  If you stay straight will you run into a tree? Or, does it feel like all options are open... is it all good?

From: Unpretending