One Night for Nigeria (Super Bowl with A Purpose)

Our youth and church met an amazing man this past summer. His name is Raphael and he is doing some amazing things in Nigeria. I have explained it in detail here, but the gist is that he is training leaders how to use simple things like gravel and bricks to bring clean drinking water and smoke-free kitchens to their people thereby eliminating two of the top four causes of death in his area.

He only needs $50 per leader to bring them in for two days, feed them, and give them all the supplies and training they need to create one water filter and one fuel efficient cookstove! That should blow your mind... $50 saves a family!

Our youth are making this year's super bowl party about raising money for this essential project. Each student who comes pays $5 (4 of which goes to Raphael). They are all raising money on their own by doing chores, skipping fast food for a couple of weeks, etc.
How Can You Help?
  • Agree to partner with our students by giving a dollar or fifty cents per student who comes
  • Donate some food or other item to offset our cost for the event
  • Send your students and their friends (or bring your friends if you are a teenager) to the party on February 6 at 5pm.
  • Help us Promote the event on Facebook, with email forwards... you can link to this article too!.