Thrive and Fearless: Two Great Resources!

I am very exited to let everyone know about two resources I have been working on with UMCOM and RETHINK Church that have just been released. They are Thrive and Fearless.

Thrive is a four week church-wide study that challenges you to live a physically and spiritually vital life in a global community. It is a partnership with the Imagine No Malaria project that is helping to eliminate the problem of malaria in Africa.  Each week has options for things to help you work on your physical health, spiritual health, and things you can do to help fight the spread of malaria in Africa.

Fearless: The Courage to Question is an advent series that helps churches not only discover the truth of God through questions but reach out by creating an environment where Questioning is acceptable.

These resources are $25 each and represent some of the highest quality work coming out of the United Methodist Church. I am proud to be a part of it, and look forward to hearing how these go in your Churches!