Art and the Wailing Wall

The last several months have been great in our youth ministry. We have seen several new ministries started by our teens, and some great creative offerings. Becca has been similarly moved and expressed her thoughts far more eloquently than I on her blog; however, as I was walking through our youth facility today, I swelled with pride for the ministry that they are doing. Below are several pictures that alternate between honest cries to God and artistic expressions by our Photography team that delve into being filled up and poured out.

The wailing wall is something that was suggested in The Kingdom Experiment. We are using this amazing small group resource for some of our life groups, and mine decided to do this community option suggested in it. All we did was tape the words wailing wall to an existing wall along with a cup to hold pens and some post-its. We each posted a prayer request to the wall and allowed God to do the rest. The result is a place where students are crying out like the Israelites in the desert. My heart is broken every time I read the new notes, and I am forced to my knees by the weight of their concerns. I guess my prayer now is, "God hear the cries of your people." Stop by sometime and join your prayers with ours.