A Prayer for Annual Conference

credit:  AWFC

credit: AWFC

We are gathering for Annual Conference again, God.

And we confess 
Though you created us all and 
Love us all and
Speak to us all, we are divided.
We are in a season of deep disagreement 
and cry out for your mercy.

Lord, have mercy
Cover our gathering with your grace,
Bring about the miracle of peace,
And open our eyes to the presence of the Holy Spirit in each moment.

Lord, have mercy
As we make speeches for, 
Light the path past our perspectives and 
Use our voice to proclaim your truth
As we make speeches against, 
May they not be against people or groups, 
Give us the voice of the prophets calling people to faithfulness.

Lord, have mercy
As we elect our delegates, 
Make our votes an agent of your voice
Calling our people to leadership
Lift our eyes above our caucuses and 
Our pet issues and 
Our earthly allegiances and 
Cast our lots under the direction of your Spirit.

Lord, have mercy
Give us your heart
That reaches out to the whole earth
That sacrifices itself so that all people can know your love
That calls out to the broken, hurting, and lost
Offering healing, comfort and direction.

Lord, have mercy
Move us out of this season of disagreement
To the garden of grace
Speak to us
Love us
And create something new in our Annual Conference

Lord, have mercy
Christ, have mercy
Lord, have mercy

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