A New Community for Wesleyan Youth Ministry

I believe that the love-driven, grace-filled theology of John Wesley is uniquely suited to help the next generation grow closer to Jesus.  

I have watched as they have shut down while listening to another guilt-driven evangelist’s plea. I have seen them become disenchanted with a faith that didn’t help them make earth look more like heaven, and I have counseled them as they dealt with questions that had been silenced by well-meaning Christians.

I did this knowing all along the way wishing that there was a stronger voice for the Wesleyan theology I used to heal the wounds and awaken their souls.

The problem is, it can be difficult to find published youth ministry resources that come from that beautifully Wesleyan perspective that highlights how the fullness of God’s grace and blessing is offered to everyone everywhere.  It is hard to find youth resources with that grace-filled theology that maintains a steadfast hold on personal and social holiness.

That is why I was beyond excited when I began a conversation with a thoroughly Wesleyan publisher who wanted to offer this very specific voice to the youth ministry world.  It is why I am so happy to be announcing today the launch of the Youth Ministry Collective... a new voice in the Wesleyan youth ministry world.

We have gathered many of the most successful and innovative youth ministers from all over the United States with a single goal: offering distinctly Wesleyan youth minister resources for the church.

All that talk about theology can worry some people because youth ministry is not merely about theological abstractions.  Our commitment is to be intensely practical and theologically Wesleyan.  

That means that there will be games offered every week as well as monthly theological reflection.  There will be couching and tips and lessons rolling out throughout each month all for free because we want to see another great awakening.

From there, we will keep on building this Wesleyan voice through books, curriculum and whatever the Holy Spirit decides to grow within this group of youth ministry rock stars.  I hope you come by and meet this incredible team: youthministrycollective.com  Keep coming, there’s new stuff coming several times each week!