The Seven List: Articles You Must Read

These are seven articles that sparked my imagination, made me laugh or helped me act like a human being this week.  Enjoy!

  1. Learn To Dream Again (Four Helpful Steps) - Dayna Bickham goes beyond challenging us to dream to giving four steps that will help spark your dreams.
  2. In Pursuit of Treasure - Christine Mendoza sparked my imagination this week when she pictured studying the Bible as a treasure hunt.
  3. Are You a Fret Fanatic? - Mary DeMuth is giving up fretting for Lent this year.  I am not sure if I can do the same, but her article challenges us to live into the scripture's call to let go of fretting.
  4. How to Fight Feelings of Futility - Donald Miller offers a hand up out of the occasional funk we all get in... I feel like these should be written on a post-it note somewhere for me.
  5. Four Benefits of Planning Well -  Brad Bridges helps you remember why that planning meeting is worth it.  For the non-planners in the crowd, this will let you know what you'r missing.
  6. Sabbath – You’re Probably Doing it Wrong - Erin Jackson offers easy instruction and solid encouragement on what Sabbath is (and isn't), and how you should practice this gift from God.
  7. The Weekend Roundup Roundup - Like lists like this?  Jamie Wright offers a list of lists!  

My Stuff:

  1. Looking for All the Wrong things in the Bible - It turns out that the story of Noah has nothing to do with whether or not there are enough water molecules to cover the surface of the earth.
  2. Tips for getting people to open (and read) your email - What should it say? How should it read? What are the tricks to get people to open it in the deluge of emails that come every day?
  3. Bill Nye and the cancer that is killing the church -  The recent debate between Bill Nye and Dr. Haim put on display that which is eating the church alive from the inside.