A Simple Way to Connect with Ancient Christianity

creed cover.png

We have an ancient, mystical faith with brilliant minds and voices that have thought and written throughout the past 2,000 years.  But, how can you connect with them? Where do you go to explore these words without enrolling in seminary?  You begin with something simple: the Apostle’s creed as a doorway into the early church thinkers and writers.

It is one of the most ancient pieces of our faith and is recited by millions every Sunday.  Its concise statement of the core beliefs of Christianity are both profound and easily understood.  It is a work that, when studied properly in its historic context, can guide us to Jesus through beautiful voices from our rich past.

That is why I got involved with a resource centered around this most important document.  It is called “Creed” and centers around a brilliant devotional exploration written by a friend of mine named J.D. Walt.  Each devotion combines the text and themes from the creed with quotes from ancient Christians and offers ways for us to experience them all in our daily lives.  

While experiencing this as an individual is great, it is taken to the next level when the journey is shared with others.  That's where I came in.  I have written a small group curriculum for churches to use to help people journey together through the creed.  It is available as part of the Creed Experience that includes videos, audio, curriculum for kids, sermons and all you need to unite your whole church in this study.  

For groups, each week spends time studying and discussing the scripture behind that week’s portion of the creed, talks about the week's devotions and closes with a guide to pray through the theology presented in the creed as a group.  

I truly hope your imagination is captured by this link to our ancient faith and would love to hear your stories of how it has impacted your church.  I hope you’ll make the “Creed Experience” the next study in your group.

Question for the Comments: How has the Apostle's Creed been part of your faith?