God-Focused Christmas Gift Ideas: Teen Edition

Have some very cool teens to buy for this season?  Here's my picks for gifts that will help them grow spiritually:

NIV Teen Study Bible
By Lawrence O. Richards, Sue W. Richards

NIV Teen Study Bible - This is a great Ible to help teens engage with the scriptures and consider how to apply them to their life.  It is full of extras to help teens understand and engage as well as an interesting layout.  Great for youth who are getting interested in the Bible





Datable: Are you? Are They?  - Simply the best books for teens on navigating the waters of dating without compromising their integrity or never dating anyone until they are married.  Full of practical, godly advice and pre-doodled.  Every teen should have this. Period.

Dateable: Are You? Are They?
By Justin Lookadoo, Hayley DiMarco
Season One
By All Sons & Daughters

Season One by All Sons and Daughters - One of the best worship bands around making music that is original, artful, and a lot of teens enjoy.

Beautiful Things by Gungor - One of the best Christian CDs ever recorded that includes one of the most popular Christian songs in recent history: Beautiful Things.

Beautiful Things
By Gungor
Fading West
By Switchfoot

Fading West by Switchfoot -  One of the most prolific and popular Christian rock bands.  Their latest CD is  continuation of their non-trite lyrics and solid rock sound.

How We Got Our Bible: Youth Edition - This book examines how the Bible began, how it was preserved, transmitted, translated, spread, and communicated.  Great for curious teens!

Book of Fidgets: Jot and Doodle Journal - This makes personal time with God super-fun!  This is a devotional/journal that spends most of its space inspiring students to be creative with their thoughts prayers and Bible study.  From doodle pages to ideas of creative things to do, this journal is great for pretty much every teen.

Throw and Tell Ball - This is a fun way to get conversations started.  This ball is full of fun questions.  When you catch the beach ball, you have to answer the one under your right thumb.  Lots of fun!