Favorite TABOOs and the Beginning of Investigating Christmas

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The past couple of months has been some of my most enjoyed months preaching through the TABOO series.  I am a skeptic at heart, and it has been wonderful to come together with others who are ready to ask difficult questions and try and hear God's voice forming us spiritually as we engage these tough issues.

Just as musicians have their favorite songs, preachers have their favorite sermons.  This series has had several, but I think my top three favorites were The Forbidden Gospels, The Homosexuality Debate, and Can Evolution and the Bible Coexist.  Those videos are below, you can check all of them out on the TABOO page.

Investigating Christmas is just as exciting as was TABOO.  We are going to delve into the Birth of Jesus with as much tenacity as we addressed the topics in TABOO.  Everything from what the Bible says about Angels to uncovering the fictitious parts of the cute manger scene decorations we have on display.  Check it out in person at 5pm each Sunday or online as soon as the video is available!